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                         Glamour Italia Interview!

America sweetheart, Taylor Swift, poses for us. And she surprises us. She changes look: she becomes more wild and rock, elegant and (a little) spatial. And she reveals her passion for fashion, some styling advices (yes, that includes how to wear a smoking jacket) and the secret to be loved by the world. What is that? Star attitude.

1.Which style you wear more naturally?
It comes natural to me to wear evening, sparkly dresses, the ones that really gets you noticed. But I can also wear girly dresses, maybe with a retro allure.

2.What do you wear when you want to feel different?
I play with a look totally opposed to mine, almost androgyny: I wear a black smoking jacket (blazer).

3.How do you match that with other clothes?
I could write an essay about this! Well, by day I wear it with shorts and quirky socks, a t-shirt and my Oxford style shoes. By night, I match it with a pair of skinny jeans, I wear high heels o some high-knee boots. If this is the case, under the jacket I wear a sexy black bustier. I can also match it with a glittery skirt and high heels. I know anything about how wearing my blazer.

5.What was the last thing you bought at Topshop?
Oh, when I go there I always buy t-shirts with weird and funny designs. The last one had a maxi panda on it. I wear it with leggings and a miniskirt or with skinny jeans and Oxford shoes.

6.What was the last deal you made?
I have a passion for vintage and antiques stores. And in an antique shop I bought a key, old-style one; I tied it to a chain and I created my own necklace.

7.Who are your favorites designers?
I’m gonna list them all. I love Cavalli, Dior, Kaufman Franco and Rick Owens.

8.Is there a person you admire for her style?
I like Charlize Theron, she’s elegant and chic.

9.How many gifts you bought for yourself recently?
Lots of socks: they became my obsession. And a wool hat with a pompom, very soft. It’s gonna be great for this winter.

10.How do you turn a by day look into a by night look?
With a touch of red lipstick: it’s so night.

11.What do you always bring with you when you travel?
I never forget my necklace collection. I like Lulu Frost’s ones, they look antique. Sometimes I wear more than one of those, I overlap them.

12.What other accessories define your look?
I love bracelets but unfortunately, I can only wear them on my left wrist, or I couldn’t play guitar. I also like hair accessories like headbands, hairpins and stuff like that, mostly at night. Oh, I almost forgot…hats. If I’m having a bad hair day, they save my life: I wrap my hair under it et voilà!

13.Which piece of clothing you have in your closet makes you feel more comfortable?
The one I call sweater “to go”. I always bring it with me, wherever I go. It’s navy blue with a large neckline and a little oversize.

14.Do you have a passion?
Shoes. I love low Oxford shoes, even glittered, they’re perfect for the night and high heels D&G and Louboutin shoes.

15.A recognizable look is important in your world?
I think so but I haven’t studied mine. What matters most to me is your attitude.


A Grammy voice:
She’s not the typical USA blonde. She has determination and instincts of a CEO business and beauty of an amazon. But most of all, she has a beautiful voice, that won her lots of awards. She’s 20, Taylor Swift, and won 4 Grammy’s, including the most wanted of them, Album of the Year. Her success secret? Intimate songs, of which she writes lyrics and melodies, where she talks about everyday life, feelings and love stories gone bad, like the one with Joe Jonas from Jonas Brothers that inspired her Forever & Always. Glamour met Taylor in Milan for Cavalli fashion show.

Let’s her be her:
After multi-prized Fearless , it’s coming Speak Now: “The 14 unknown tracks are open letters. Each one of them is dedicated to a different person”

Taylor Quotes:
-“Being charming means not feeling inadequate if you enter a room and you realize that everybody’s wearing low heels shoes while you’re the only one wearing high heels…you have to be confident”

-“I never changed to be liked by a man. If I feel like changing I’m doing it for myself. The trick is simple: to be liked by others you have to feel comfortable with who you are and what you’re wearing”

-“Glamour photoshoot made me find out a different part of myself, one more rock and futuristic. I think fashion is really fun because it allows you to play with different styles. I really like Italian designers like Roberto Cavalli, his dresses seem made for me, like the ones I wore during his fashion show in Milan and his party for his career in Paris”

-“In these pages, I wore dresses that I’d like to have in my closet. The short black dress, I would wear it with a night out with friends”

-“My mom taught me that it’s better to be noticed because you’re overdressed rather than because you’re shabby”

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